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Please see below for some of the lovely things people have said about me as testimonials:

gave me renewed confidence that I could do what I was setting out to do – I very much felt that he believed totally in me and my ability to run my business…Very inspired!

I would not hesitate to recommend him if you are keen to make some changes and are looking for someone to help you. It is definitely a benefit having someone truly independent to coach you, and I was surprised how much I managed to achieve in a relatively short time.

I would really recommend to anyone that they invest in time out with an experienced person like Chris to think about where they are and where they are going for the future. Yes, it is an investment, but it is one that can be really beneficial and well worth it.

reliable, consistent and inspiring. His knowledge in his field is outstanding and already he has started to help me with not only my business aspirations but also my personal goals too.

with Chris’ help I have truly realised my power to take possession of my own life and make critical decisions confidently. I am now in the process of starting up my own business and am still benefiting from Chris’ advice after the sessions we have had…

Chris was fantastic in that whilst we focused on the practical aspects of what needed to be done, he paid very close attention to my motivation and when it slipped he was able to pick out the positive aspects and keep me feeling great about the process.

Chris very skilfully picked on some of my core values and probed me around the links between those values and my goal. This had a significant impact on my determination to achieve my goal when it is intrinsically linked to my core values around contribution to others and adventures for myself.

I’m very grateful to Chris for the personal development I have gained as a result of our sessions, the product of which will remain at the forefront of my mind for many years, if not the rest of my life.

I have found him to be extremely patient, reliable and professional in his area of expertise. He gives you his complete attention, is non-judgmental and leaves you with happiness and determination in reaching your goal.

I found Chris to be a very calm, polite, thoughtful and thought-provoking coach throughout our entire sessions. This easily enabled us to build up a high degree of trust and honesty within a very short space of time…

His approach is very professional and he is able to generate good rapport. The process has made me much more self-aware as well as enabling me to move forward much quicker than otherwise would have been possible.

The sessions enabled me to gain confidence and with his support I was able to get re-employed and get back structure to my life, a great help.

a massive change on my life and confidence to achieve my dreams…I am now fully on course to complete my goals with excitement and confidence. I would like to thank Chris for six fantastic coaching sessions, and for keeping me on track to live my dreams.

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