Coaching with Chris is like someone grabbing you by the collar and giving you a good shake – but in a nice way!

That may be an odd thing to say in a professional testimonial, but the most important lesson Chris can teach you is authenticity. Being honest with yourself and being true to who you are.

Being autistic means that some of the things I say may sound a bit ‘odd’ to neurotypical ears. After working with Chris for just one day on my one-page business plan I realised why I hadn’t been making much progress with my business. I was masking, not being authentic and so not coming across as believable to potential clients. That day was a wake-up call – a metaphorical shaking by the collar – for me.

What Chris can offer, that I don’t think other coaches can, is insight into yourself. Chris knows who he can help. He himself is authentic. This makes him ideally placed to help others look inside themselves to find the way to living their own authentic, enabled life. 

Chris will provide you with steps to take to help you make progress with your business. You would expect that from any coach. But because he can help you find that insight into yourself, Chris gives you self-belief, a feeling of worth and the ability to value yourself as well. There isn’t a magic bullet that can cure whatever condition or disability may be playing a part in holding you back. No overnight cure. But what I have taken from working with Chris is that it doesn’t have to and here is a pathway to thriving regardless. Chris keeps making you ask the difficult questions of yourself – he keeps shaking you by the collar – in a nice way!

So, maybe I “shouldn’t” say that it is like being shaken by the collar – in a nice way. But if I tried to explain this in another way, using accepted professional testimonial-style language, it still wouldn’t sound “right”. It wouldn’t sound like me and consequently wouldn’t be authentic or believable.

Ciara Ferrier

Sound Types, Plymstock

Chris is a very honest mentor. Up front about his practices and he gave me some really useful pointers for getting my own business started. the mentoring programme is a lot more affordable than I thought. The free sessions I had with Chris were flexible and in-depth. there is no judgement about what stage your business is at and the session notes are made accessible so you can read and respond to them in a format that suits you. Try these sessions: you really have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain from them.

Rebecca Legowski

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Chris is an amazing coach. since starting my own coaching business he has challenged me and helped me develop my values and customer avatar.

I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone.

Joanna Penn

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A big thanks to Chris. Over the last couple of weeks Chris and I have been going over business vision questions which has really helped me get focus and clarity for my business and where I want to be. Would highly recommend anyone to go through this process if you are especially feeling a bit lost and have lost your focus.

Claire Bland

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Chris is very flexible and easy to talk to, his communication skills are excellent, and from my first call I was put at ease immediately. If you feel you are going in circles with your business I would highly recommend Chris, he will support and encourage you, but most of all, he will listen to what you have to say. Thank you for all your help Chris.

Claire Potter

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I have just finished a very #valuable series of #coaching with Chris Catt. With Chris’s #expertise, #experience, #understanding and #activity to move you forward, sometimes outside of your #comfort zone, I now have a new found #enthusiasm. Already I am making great strides to the next level with #confidence in my knowledge and ability and more #ambitions #goals!
The #value of coaching, know why you want it, at the right #time, definitely go for it and bloom.

Jane Dyer

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Chris is a dedicated professional who is passionate about people and assisting them with their goals. Having a couple of sessions with Chris so far myself, I can say that he has excellent people skills, a strong and varied knowledge of business and is a quick-thinking problem solver. Chris has helped me evaluate my secular goals and how I can best achieve them. I look forward to working with him more in the future and would recommend anyone else with a disability to do the same. A true unique expert that is skilled with his approaching his niche market.
Oliver Johnson

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