Overcome ALL Obstacles And Find YOUR Impressive Business Idea

Overcome ALL Obstacles And Find YOUR Impressive Business Idea 2018-03-07T11:34:32+01:00

What’s Stopping You!

Are you still stuck in the preverbal rut at work, a talented professional who has gone as far as their current career will allow and is frustrated and desperate to ‘Break Free’ and be your own Boss.  The problem is you have absolutely no idea what you could do or where and how to start a business?

Are you a little further ahead and took the plunge, but right now you are starting to realise that you have become the worse Boss you ever had?  The focus just isn’t there, but the hardest thing for you to admit to right now is that you need help and fast before the money runs out?

Are you a coach, consultant or trainer where things are no longer gong to plan, be honest, there is no plan and the dream is fast turning into your worst nightmare?

What if the Opposite was True?

Before you ‘Break Free’ you had spent the time you needed to not only create a great business idea based on what you already know and have a passion for, but had actually started getting paying customers and for more time than you care to remmeber clearly knew what you wanted from life before leaving your job.

You’d not run out of money.  In fact the day to day muddling though and pretending everything was fine had been replaced with a strong business vision built upon you and your customer’s needs, wants and desires.  Business was much easier and most importantly, full of real drive and passion.  The nightmares, sleepless nights and the fear of failure are firmly in the past and the future looks a lot more optimistic.

I am vision-impaired.  I promise you that everything I teach, I live.  That’s why I’m known as Enabled Entrepreneur.

There are no shortcuts to discovering the best version of yourself. But there is a magic formula that is exclusively yours – like a treasure map inside you for the time in your life when what used to work in the past doesn’t work anymore.

That’s where the Enabled Entrepreneur’s  personal approach to life design and disability in business comes in – you’ll get your very own version of the CATT Blueprint.

I believe that all our lives are meant to be purposeful and fun. My purpose is to help you bring that kind of approach to your life. Disabled people can not only thrive in the workplace but also be a great advantage to a team or organisation.

Using my experiential learning to empower others. It’s what I needed to find.

Whether you still trapped in a job you hate, a new business start-up or been in business for some time, i’ll show you how to bring yourself into everything you’re creating.

I’m no different to you, but I have always approached my sight loss with one eye closed and the other open to change. You can be proactive about change as long as you are in the driving seat. You can’t live other people’s dreams and you can’t let others tell you yours. There is only one way you will ever succeed, take control of your own destiny and stop blaming other people for opportunities you allowed to pass you by.

Break free from the shackles of your ‘Disabling Mindset’ right now! Contact me to find out how The Enabled Entrepreneur can make a difference in your life.

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