What is Enabled Life?

Enabled Life is, as it suggests, a new, more fulfilling and rewarding way to live your life on your terms. At it’s heart is the notion that you begin with feeling trapped in a situation you know isn’t right for you – but getting out just seems too risky. I call that the ‘dependent’ mindset because however difficult – even destructive – your situation might be, you feel tied into it by need – ‘at least’ it enables you to survive. For example:

A job that makes you miserable ‘at least’ puts food on the table life on benefits ‘at least’ lets you keep a roof over your family’s heads or a business idea that won’t fly – however hard you work! – ‘at least’ gives you a reason to get out of bed every morning.

‘At least’ you survive – ‘at best’ you thrive! Utilising the skills and knowledge I have acquired by making that transition myself, you achieve what I call true ‘intradependence’ – a position from where you can not only fulfil your own potential, but also help others do the same. This requires a massive ‘Mindset Shift’, but the reward for all your hard work is a fulfilled and purposeful life where you get to make all the decisions.

There are two other fundamental building blocks to creating your fulfilling and purposeful Enabled Life.

You will also:

uncover the secrets to becoming either a successful Enabled Entrepreneur or Employee


discover the self-liberation of turning your view of money on its head – seeing it as abundant, rather than a scarce resource.

Enabled Life looks at the whole person – the holistic you. You have not only managed to ‘Break Free’ and value money from an abundance perspective, you have joined a new way of living – you know how to nurture your health and wellbeing, especially your understanding of who you are and how you can support others on their journey to an Enabled Life.

So, how does this all work?

Enabled Life is a supportive community of like-minded People with Disabilities and Health Conditions who are not prepared to accept life as a mere existence. Enabled Life is an exclusive member only community where you learn that the more you put in the more you get out. Serve others first before thinking of yourself. Enabled Life is deliberately designed to appeal to all People with Disabilities and Health Conditions. The emphasis is heavily on live training and mentoring. But if you want to just use the vast resources available to members and quietly beaver away at your own pace, that’s fine too.

What if I join and it’s not for me?

No worries, you are not tied in to a membership that does not allow you to leave. You can give us a try for 3-months and leave if you don’t feel that Enabled Life has provided you with any real value. This is underwritten by a 3-month money back guarantee, no questions asked.


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Frequently asked questions

Please find a list of questions we are regularly asked. If your question does not appear in this list, please get in touch.

Who is Enabled Life for?

It is fair to say that Enabled Life is not for everyone.  When I came up with the idea I wanted it to be a ‘Community of like-minded people’.  If you don’t have a Disability or Health Condition, or feel that you fit this criteria, it’s not for you.  If you are one of those people who is a serial buyer of everything personal development, but you never complete the work, it’s not for you. 

Enabled Life is all about your transformation from a Mindset of Scarcity to a Mindset of Abundance.  By helping others first, we help ourselves and massively improve the likelihood of success.

What if I join, but don’t find it helps me?

In the first 3-months it really is a no brainer. You cannot loose.

I believe that Enabled Life is a unique community precisely because of the members who we enable.  I say ‘we’ because it is not just all about me, but about you all helping one another to achieve the results you are looking for in your life.  I feel so confident that you will gain real value, that I put my money where my mouth is.  If you join and are not happy within the first 3-months, I will refund the entire cost of your investment no questions asked.

What happens in the ‘Live’ training?

Enabled Life not only provides you with regular weekly ‘live’ training currently run using OBS and StreamYard via Facebook, but you get complete access to all previous ‘live’ sessions.  You also get complete access to all training materials on the Training Portal.

During the ‘lives’ as I call them, I provide insights and practical and easily to implement advice.  You also have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat box and i will answer them either at the time or at the end of the session.  You can pose subject questions and we do our best to cover these too.

How do I join Enabled Life?

As I have said, Enabled Life is not for everyone and I am keen to maintain the idea of ‘community’ for the benefit of it’s members.  So, I do arrange a call with all who are interested prior to joining.  The call also gives you an opportunity to talk about your current situations and for me to answer any questions you have.

Enabled Life is a Pay as You Go Subscription Service. 

Most members prefer to pay monthly, some prefer to take advantage of the Annual Discount where you get a year’s membership for the price of 10-months.  Payments are managed via PayPal and are set up to come out of your account on a day agreed with you.  This allows you to manage your budget with all life’s conflicting priorities.

What if I would prefer to work 1-2-1?

Absolutely no problem.  Get in touch and i will be more than happy to talk through the various options with you and get started.  You can start as a member of Enabled Life and upgrade to this option later if you prefer.

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