Chris Catt, aka Enabled Entrepreneur is a label given to and accepted by me from customers over the past five years.

But Chris how did this come about?

In September 2012 I set up The Life Coach Station.  I was in a hurry, like so many people who are setting up in business for the first time, to have what I thought was a business – in reality it was merely a name I had chosen, thinking it would reflect to my potential customers that I was a Coach who could transform lives.

Chris The Life Coach Station why did you call it that?

I had just qualified in 2012 with Diplomas in Personal Performance and Small Business with The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest coach training provider.  I wanted to be trained by the very best in the UK and beyond and also wanted qualifications that were accredited with the likes of ILM and International Coaching Federation to name but two.

I was serious, a massive investment in my personal development.  However, I was not focusing my marketing where I needed to.  I had not yet learned about what and how I should be doing this.  I had never heard about focusing on customer avatars.  Don’t get me wrong,  I had heard so much about niching down, but apart from working with People with Disabilities, that was it.

In 2015 things changed.

Like Ciara Ferrier says in one of the greatest Testimonials I could have received

“Coaching with Chris is like someone grabbing you by the collar and giving you a good shake – but in a nice way!”.  You can read the full Testimonial here.

I met Andy Harrington, world renowned speaker and trainer and over the doors of a weekend in 2015 received a massive wake up call and a good dose of reality.  I learned some hard lessons, some difficult home truths and have to admit to feeling initially quite despondent.  I had met other world class speakers and coaches and I knew that things had to change.

And it is at this point that Enabled Entrepreneur was created, founded and revealed to the world.

During that fateful weekend and over the coming months I was supported to found and create my own unique coaching system – The Enabled Entrepreneur Elevator™.  This clearly presented me with some hard decisions.  The Life Coach Station was my legal name for the business.  However, once customers who had been working with me for some time found out about The Enabled Entrepreneur Elevator™ they could see (in most cases literally much more than me) what I should do.

Chris you enable us, you’re the Enabled Entrepreneur!

Fast forward to today, since that major transformation I have been awarded The Coach for a Cause Award at The International Coaching Awards in 2015 and was runner up again in 2016.  I have been voted by other Disabled People as one of the 100 most influential People with a Disability in the UK for 2019 and 2020.


In 2021 and 2022 was also awarded Most Empowering PWD Entrepreneurial Support Coach.

So, here’s my takeaway from this Post that I hope you will use to reflect on your own business and how best to market who you are and who you do it for.  Ask your customers for their own explanation as to how they would describe you and what you do.


Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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