In this series of Posts, I will be taking motivational quotes and relating to how People with Disabilities can start to develop positive mindsets so that they can achieve what they want in life.

In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are

Max De Pree

I thought, when I read this that it reminded me of what my Gran used to say about my Sight.

“Chris if things don’t change they stay as they are”.

I used to feel annoyed about this. What did she know, she wasn’t living with it. When I grew up I avoided talking about my eyes because I thought if I did this, then other people wouldn’t realise. This extended to me never admitting to other kids growing up near me that I went to the West of England School for Children with little or no sight. I used to just say Exeter when asked.

But this lasted into my 30s. I would avoid putting the School’s name in job applications. And do you know, this denial of the existence of my Disability didn’t stop me achieving everything I decided I wanted.

Although as time moved on including life, the only way I could accept my eyes was to use humour. I remember my first weeks on a Day Release Course at South Devon College on a BTEC Business Studies course. We had to talk about our jobs. No more hiding, because I worked for RNIB Manor House. It was the genuine interest in what the Centre did that was to be transformative for so many young people. What followed was a 90 minute Q&A, which focused on what I could see. It was the start of a long, slow transition for me. I removed my own blindfold. I took off my mask and realised we have to be AUTHENTIC.

It was at this TIME that I started to notice that people who had never met me knew straightaway that my eyes were not right. Also when you have kids and friends say “what’s up with your Dad’s eyes” you have an opportunity to teach them something they will never forget.

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