In this series of Posts, I will be taking motivational quotes and relating to how People with Disabilities can start to develop positive mindsets so that they can achieve what they want in life.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them. “

Chris Grosser
So, by now you should be starting to notice that I am not just posting a quote and trying to present myself somehow as a clever person, because I can.
I post these quotes, not because you will see the same degree of value in what they say, but I want to use them as a way of engaging with all of you – those of you in particular who have Disabilities. Those of you who feel that everyone else gets to choose how they lead their lives. This is also not about self-pity. There’s plenty of this on Facebook if you want to read that stuff.
When I first read this, it took some time for the real message to sink in. I just wasn’t seeing it or feeling anything from it. In fact, I read it several days ago and just dismissed it as without meaning.
That was until I received an unexpected email from a former employer this morning.  They had heard about my exploits in the Disability Power List 100 and wanted to know if I could help them create a sustainable employment strategy in Devon. We are now exploring the possibility of us working jointly together on this project.

So how Chris is the quote relevant to what you just put?

For me the quote suggests that there are always opportunities around us every day. It’s not just whether we can see them, of much more importance, is whether we then choose to act upon them and make them happen.
I have long realised that you don’t get lucky, you make your own luck.
Your own thoughts or stories as to when this has happened for you would be appreciated.

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Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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