Part 5 – How to use the CATT Blueprint to increase results

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Part 5 – How to use the CATT Blueprint to increase results

Hi its me again, Chris the Enabled Entrepreneur.  In the fifth part of this series I will be providing you with important insights into what the CATT Blueprint is.

Now, its all well and good to present my own learnings, but you really need to know how to use the CATT Blueprint to increase results in all areas of your life, but our focus here is on your business.

CATT Blueprint – How do I be more Congruent?

First things first, I have been making this point throughout this series of Posts.  You must begin by taking a good look at your own values and beliefs and arrive at a clear description of what it is that you want.  This may be the first time that you have ever thought about these things, but it matters when moving on to consider the next thing that you need to do.

You now need to create an Ideal Customer Avatar.  It doesn’t matter if you are already in business.  Doing these steps will enable you to assess if you are doing business with the right customers.  It provides Clarity.  First, make a list of all the needs and pain points your customer has.  Then ask yourself which you have the skills to resolve and which ones you are prepared to master and become the ‘go to expert’ in your type of business.  Here’s a tip.

If you are finding this task difficult, ask yourself of all your customers, who did you enjoy seeing and working with the most.  You now need to blend these two sets of values and beliefs and turn them into  ‘Shared Business Values’.

CATT Blueprint – How do I be more Authentic?

I am sure you have heard of the saying, fake it until you make it.  If you haven’t already started Networking, take it from me, there are too many people in business today who are not being genuine.  The reason is that the fear of being honest with others will present themselves as appearing to be weak.

First, you have to learn to accept being in business will have its highs and its lows.  Everything will not always work out, you will make mistakes and at times not having enough money will keep you awake at nights.  I know ~I have been there.  Next you need to let go of this fear of not being good enough and see it as the obstacle that is stopping you achieving the success you know is in you.

CATT Blueprint – How do I be more Transparent?

Now you may remember me referring to the need to remove the mask that you wear each day and seek to present to the world.  Because here’s the thing.  If you keep on putting on a mask and hoping others will not see through it then guess what, you are not being Authentic.  Let customers see the real you, worts and all.  The best time to really make a positive impression is when you make a mistake.  Be open, admit what you have not done and then put it right.  I have messed up with a customer, but recovered the situation because I was prepared to be open, admit I had messed up and put it right without any excuses.

In business you are often remembered for what you did to sort a problem out rather than when things just go along trouble free.    So remove the mask and be who you truly are.  Some people will not like you for it, but just let them go.  You don’t need them holding you back.

CATT Blueprint – How do I develop Trust?

This in a way is the easy part of the C.A.T.T. Blueprint.  When you learn to master the first three – Congruence – Authenticity – Transparency, then guess what, you have created Trust in your customer.  If you are working with the right customers, then this will work.  If not, its simple, it wont.  But if you are struggling to create Trust, you are not being your true self.  This Blueprint is a quick four-step system that will help you to propel your business forwards and get the results you need to measure your success.

If you want to learn more, please follow this link.

Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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