Hi it’s Chris Catt, Enabled Entrepreneur, the Blind Leading the Blind.  I’m all of these things if you like.  I’ve had over 250 views of my Facebook Live, “What is Congruence – The CATT Blueprint” so I am sharing it again, in case you missed it.  You can view it here.

If you are just starting up in business and have broken free from the rat race, are a coach, consultant or trainer then Congruence is vital.

So in a nutshell, what do I mean by Congruence.  There are three things you need to learn.

Lesson 1

First, it is essential if you want to get a new business off the ground or revive an existing business where things have not been going as planned, that you begin by analysing who you really are.  I’m not talking about some superficial self-reflection.  Have you ever stopped for a moment, found yourself a quiet space to think away from all distractions and attempted to answer these questions.  What do I really want to be, do and have?  But just doing this is not enough.  Look again and consider, which of those that you listed resonates with your own core values.

Lesson 2

Second, now you need to walk in your ideal customer’s shoes and apply the same degree of questioning from their perspective not yours.  It is important that you get into their heads and answer the questions as if you were really thinking like them.  Lets image that your ideal customer is a horse riding woman with a country cottage.  They will hang out in horsey places, read local papers with country pursuits and horse sections and perhaps, shop in Waitress. You must be able to have a deep understanding of who they are.  You want to know them so well that they might say “you get me”.

Lesson 3

Third, the above represent what I call ‘Value Sets’ and these must be Congruent with your business idea or product.  These three must combine into what I term as ‘Shared Values’.

What else do I need to master?

There are three more things you will learn in Part 2 – Authenticity, Part 3 – Transparency and Part 4 – Trust.

I’ll see you very soon.

Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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