Hi its Chris Catt, Enabled Entrepreneur.  Today, I am sharing with you Part 2 of The C.A.T.T. Blueprint where we are going to uncover Authenticity.

I Posted a Facebook Live several weeks ago as to what I mean by Authenticity.  You can watch the video here.

So what do I mean by Authenticity?

Authenticity is you being your genuine authentic self.  No pretence, no trying to fake it until you make it.  I am sure you have attended a Networking event.  You’re all eager to tell everyone in the room what you do (even though inside you know that things are not going well).  As you shake hands you find yourself sucked into a theatrical performance that you never knew existed inside you.  The words emanating from your mouth suggest that things could not be better, in fact, you don’t have time to attend these events.

So here’s a question for you to consider, are others that you meet being Authentic?

The answer I’m afraid is more often than not, no.  Many people starting up in business are terrified to admit how thing are going in the first few months or years.  They wrongly presume that everyone is successful and this makes it even harder to be true, not only to yourself, but to your potential customers.  Do you remember learning about the need to analyse yourself in the first part of this mini-series?  Don’t worry, here it is again as a quick recap.

Because here’s a thing.

You can only be Authentic when you are aware of who you truly are and what you truly want.

Why is Authenticity so important?

Lets look again at the Networking scenario.  When we are on the receiving end of someone who is not genuine, we are likely to feel a number of negative feelings.  First, we are extremely wary of the person.  It’s like our sixth sense is telling us that something just does not add up.  Second, we are not truly listening to what is being said.  Third, we start to put up our emotional shield ready for whatever may come next.  In summary, we are feeling repelled and this is not the way to build relationships that are essential if we are to have successful businesses.

So if that’s what it is like to be on the receiving end, then it must surely follow that if you are not being Authentic as to who you really are, you are going to struggle to get and retain customers.

What’s next?

Next time we are going to uncover the third component of the CATT Blueprint, Transparency.


Chris Catt

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Chris Catt

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