The Enabled Entrepreneur is is going to explain the 3 things you need to know when starting a business.

If you are:

Stuck in a job or career you hate and you want to regain control over how you chose to lead your life, I can help.

Already a little further with starting a business, but for you right now that’s the problem, it lacks substance and when asked what is that you do, you are struggling to provide a credible answer.

Coach, Consultant or Trainer you may have a lofty vision, but no tangible product or service to pin your hat on.

Well you maybe surprised to hear that you are not alone.  Many of these issues I have raised are things that in the very early stages of being in business were all too familiar to me and the far too many business owners working all day and worrying all night.


This step is the most crucial, you cannot know who your customer is if you don’t know who you are first.

This is not a trick question, YOU MUST be able to answer this first and foremost.  First, make a list of everything you think you know and then ask a friend or someone you trust (not a family member) what they think you are good at.  Next rank the list in order of what you like doing the most and or what just seems to be most exciting to you.  Finally, what is the top one that you are prepared to MASTER.  If you need a little kick to get your creative mind into gear, make a list of all the things you hate the most and would never want to do if you could have your way.


Similar to the exercises you just completed on yourself, now apply these to your customer.  You are going to need to get into your customer’s headspace and think and feel as if you were them.  There is no easy way to do this, so allow time and be prepared to have a few dummy runs through until you are starting to see an image or Avatar infront of you.  One way to help you with this is for you to list customer’s needs or pains on one-side of a sheet of paper and what they correspondingly, want instead on the other.  I don’t want uncertainty.  Wants certainty of x.


Once you have analysed YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER, you need to consider, which need is best in alignment with you both.  What do they need and what are you most willing to provide to meet that need.  This is your product or service if you are a Coach, Consultant or Trainer.  All of these three parts must overlap at one point of what I call CONGRUENCE.  This is the sweet spot, the place where business is going to be done.

Now I am sure you are no different to any other person on this Planet, would you like something that has taken me years to create, but right now i’m providing it to you at no cost to you because I would love for you to find out more about how I work.


Please keep an eye out for my new online learning resource coming very soon.

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Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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