I am well aware that using the term Blind Leading the Blind may initially offend some, but I hope once you’ve read and listened to this Post that you will understand the context in which I am using it.

I have now captured your attention so let me explain.

I get called many things regarding what I am able to see.  The favourite is “should  have gone to Supersavers”.  I am also increasingly being called the enABLED Entrepreneur for the simple reason.  This is who I am and this is what I help others to become regardless as to whether they have a Disability or not.  I am also the founder of The Enabled Entrepreneur Elevator and Wantreprensurs Bootcamp.

So, you are probably still feeling a little uncomfortable with me using a phrase such as the Blind Leading the Blind.

So here’s a thing.  If you think about it, I am, from an ophthalmic perspective, nearly Blind.  I don’t see anything in my right eye, so that’s 50% less than most people with two good functioning eyes and in the left eye, I see at 6M what you see at 60M.  So, who knows one day you may literally bump into me especially if you cycle around the lanes around the eastern fringes of Dartmoor.  So, for the purposes of this Post I am Blind.  But I am not without vision.  You will hear me saying “I see what you are needing to achieve”, because I see what is being said and interpret this in my own unique way into a visual perspective.

Now why am I telling you this?

In my journey to where I am now today, I first had to take a good look at myself.  And I didn’t like what I could see.  I have told many of you this in the past, I struggled with the paradox of who I am and who I wanted to be.  However, a conversation with a great inspirational thought leader called Marion helped me to realise that I had a unique perspective based on this paradox – my impaired vision gave me the vision that too many other business owners don’t yet have.  These are what I term as the Blind who are being led.

Now do you  get why I started in what for some is a controversy?

From these internal battles within myself, I realised that I lived my life with 4 core values.

These are what I now call the CATT Blueprint.

  • Congruence
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Truth

I will cover these in more detail in a later Post.

So, its my belief that if you are not being CATT, you are not working with the right people both in and out of your business.  Everyone tells you that niching is the way to go.  But how can you be more niche if you don’t know what the niche is that you fit in yourself?  So, not knowing what your Why is can come across as a ‘Blindness’ to what you need to be able to see first and foremost.

Are you doing business right now with anyone who has a pulse and a checkbook?

You have to stop wasting their time and yours.  You can’t help them all, help those who you feel an infinity with.

I have some great ways you can do this, if you are ready to start 2018 with a challenge that will make this year the best ever.  Then do yourself a favour and let’s talk about you before you spend more effort doing things that won’t get you the results you are seeking.

Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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