Its my belief that too many coaches, consultants and business owners are faking it in business. What do I mean by faking it?

So many people feel that they have to present a version of success to the outside world or they will be judged as failures. This in turn affects the psychology or mindset they use to approach day-to-day tasks in their business. The painful truth is that all too many business owners struggle to even admit to themselves the real numbers in their business. Let alone share that with others

Here’s a thing.

Its my experience in working with business owners that the ones that are going to really succeed and get a life of freedom and abundance through their business are the ones who can openly admit this. In the beginning, it really is OK for you to tell yourself this in the mirror. Get comfortable admitting it and then do something about the issues that you must addres.

Now many of you already know that I have severe sight loss, am Blind as a Bat, don’t see too well etc (my own way of portraying something I never wanted).

Although I have lived with my poor sight all my life, I grew up with the notion from my dear departed father that I must always be better than others at whatever I do. I also believed that I could hide my Disability (there I have said it) by avoiding eye contact.

“They cannot see my eyes so won’t know”.

As my sight deteriorated over my adult life, I had to reinvent my career a number of times. I had to go from doing something like engineering to office work (yawn). But this is when me accidentally starting to help people then manifested itself – and I was pretty good at it.

So I am going to share a short Live Video with you. I am going to say it as it is, so apologies if I offend anyone, but this is going to be the best thing you learn today.

Dont fake it until you make it, you’ll only break it.

So here is my latest Live. Please Like, Comment and above all, Share.

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Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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