Disability and careers choice crossroads.  Just imagine, picture or feel the scene.  You are on your way to work, dreading the day ahead and arrive knowing that something has to give.  You know what you feel, but also fear what you know because you don’t know what to do.  The job started so well with such promise, but this now feels like a distant memory.  For many months now the enthusiasm has disappeared along with the motivation to do a job that no longer feels like it is the right fit.

I know exactly how this feels.  Due to my own sight loss, I have faced many career changes.  From starting in my chosen field as a mechanical engineer through to several ‘career reinventions’ as I call these transformations, I am now where I am today.  If you want to discover more about my own back story you can do this here.

The gist of my back story is simple.  If you are really dreading the return to work after the weekend and you have a disability or you know someone who does, who would you listen too to find a way forward?  Someone who really has ‘lived experience’ of disability or someone who will want to help, but they don’t really know what it is like to feel what you and what I felt.  I am not being arrogant, just saying what my clients feedback.  “You do make a real difference and it is so helpful to know that you know what its like, you are the first person to listen and not judge”.

I Have a Disability What Can I do?

I have been hearing disabled employees and their managers worrying about what to do when the above situation arises and I have listened.

Imagine having a One Page Career Plan with the answers

Imagine knowing how you would start to do something about it instead of just quietly suffering or repeatedly telling family and friends who say “be grateful you have the job”.

Learn more here.

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The Coach with a Cause  – Winner at the International Coaching Awards 2015

Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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