What is your greatest ‘Disability Challenge’ where you work?

by | 1st August 2016 | Blog

I need your help!

Apologies for those of you who have got to used to regular comment about ‘Disability in the Workplace’ and the bits I like to add that others leave out.

Recently, I was talking to one of my favourite HR professionals who asked why I did not package what I do as marketable products on my website.  I took my time to respond as I thought to myself, you can’t have visited my site recently The Life Coach Station is awash with great solutions just waiting to prevent you crashing on the rocks of disability in work if you did not navigate these treacherous seas without a knowledgeable guide.  This got me thinking, perhaps she had a point.  Having reviewed the content of the site, I thought right, let’s see what disabled people and professionals who manage ‘disability in the workplace’ want the most.

I also thought I would do some secondary research and look back through articles in People Management to see what the CIPD thinking was.  Having noticed that an awful lot had been written about stress, mental health and well-being, it occurred to me that there is very little about how to manage disability in the workplace it is as if everything that should be done is being done, so know need to bother the members any further.

But this is not what I have been told

There is one area that HR tell me is a big issue and it also seems clear that employers are avoiding this at all costs not realising that they are sleepwalking towards a ‘disability in the workplace incident pit’.  Or to put it another way, if you ignore the smaller issues they remain unresolved and grow into bigger issues requiring much more time, effort and costing a lot more to resolve.  Now I can back up what I am saying here from over 20 years working directly in partnerships with employers who did seek help and can look back on how I worked with them and appreciate the time we invested as having a good ROI.

So how can I help, I hear you ask?

This is all I need you to do.

I have created some questions based on what I think and all I want to know is what you think – that is it, nothing more than that.

Please begin here.

Great, thank you for helping me with this.  I now owe you, so how can I help you in return?  Would be good to hear back from you.



Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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