That’s right, I have just become accredited by the CPD Standards Office to become a CPD Coach for my coaching work with people like you; people with disabilities and those who manage ‘disability in the workplace’.

Remember that I also won at the International Coaching Awards 2015.  Quite a lot has been going on since then.  As I type this Post, I am recovering from complicated cataract surgery.  What should have been a routine operation turned into a few hours as the lens could not be placed in the usual capsule where the original lens sits as it was too weak.  Right now, I have gained much better colour vision than I have ever had, but lost some detailed vision and see some things in double.  If I could see out of two eyes it might not be such a minor irritation, but I wake up each morning hoping it has not got worse.

Now back to the subject under discussion here becoming a CPD Coach.

When I set-up my coaching business in 2012 called The Life Coach Station I was clear on one thing; I had to not only be perceived as the best at what I provide to people with disabilities and their managers, but to be able to ‘benchmark’ what I do against tangible standards that  can be clearly evidenced.  So having been invited by The Coaching Academy to apply to the CPD Standards Office, I am extremely pleased to be able to reveal that my submission was accepted without any need for additional evidence.   I have now joined a small, but select band of coaches who are accredited by the CPD Standards Office and can award CPD Certificates to place in training files and also be displayed on the wall if you so desire.

So what’s next…..?    Well you might well ask and you are right to wonder!

I am currently working on three new and exciting offerings with a clear focus – DIS in the workplace.  But more about that as the products are tailored what you and your managers tell me is missing from what others claim to provide.

The best place to keep track of what is heading your way is at

Kind regards


Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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