Yes, yours truly, Christopher Catt – The Winner!

In my previous Post in the Blogosphere, I was due to attend The International Coaching Awards for 2015 and had been shortlisted.  I was extremely excited and set off on the train from Devon on the way to Buckinghamshire.  My wife was meant to be coming too just in case I won to take pictures and to hold my drink whilst I was mingling.  However, due to illness in the family she was spared the indignity of undertaking such thankless task and so I decided that I would just have to do what I do best, build rapport with people who I had never meant and have a good time no matter what.

After some opportunity to mingle, we were seated around a table near to the back of the room and I had the pleasure of sharing my evening with a lady from Poland (now living in Italy) called Dominika Miernik and her Fiancé and a guy who I must apologise to because I cannot remember his name.  None the less, we did not know it at the beginning of the evening, but were in all to shortly be announced as winners.

Another thing I mentioned in December’s Blogosphere was my big decision – what would Moorfields have to say about my cataract and the possible complications, could this be the last Christmas that I would see (in the visual not literal sense).

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

After what seemed like a lifetime waiting at Moorfields for Professor Andrews to say yes or no, he concluded that he could not foresee any major obstacle to me having successful cataract surgery.  We talked about my concerns which appeared to be unfounded and he explained that in the past he would have had no issues taking on a case such as mine.  However, he could not understand why I had actually been referred to him as he did not do cataract surgery any longer.  He decided that I should see a colleague who did and that was that.

I had heard what I needed, it was looking more likely that they could do the surgery than what my Consultant at Torbay at felt.  Still room to be optimistic, but not to a delusional level.

I’m Getting My License

Please don’t feel too alarmed with this announcement.  I have not managed to persuade DVLA to allow a registered Blind Person to drive on the UK’s roads.

I just arrived back at the weekend from the Holiday Inn in Guildford having attended two and a half days training to deliver Emma Sue Prince’s Advantage Workshops.  I did not know that my improvisation skills were so good.  For some bizarre reason, possibly through sheer terror at having spent two and a half days with me, the other delegates thought I should start a new chapter in my life as a stand up comedian.

If you want to know more about what I had been learning and how it could be worth your while knowing, you can find out more here

Now I think that this is enough so far, so it is good night from me and it is good night from him.

Kind regards



Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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