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by | 14th August 2015 | Blog

Hello, my name is Paul Minikin, lead audiologist at FM Hearing Systems (part of the Digital Hearing Care group of companies) and I’d like to tell you a little about a great range of technology called Phonak Roger.

Silly name you’re probably thinking, most people do when they hear it! We like to think of Phonak Roger as one of the best kept secrets in audiology, most people who try it are blown away with the results, please see what people say about it on our website.

At first glance it can all look a little complicated and technical, but Phonak Roger in use is VERY straightforward, it’s very intuitive to use and ‘just works’.

For a concise overview of what Phonak Roger is about and how it all works you can have a look at our FAQ section.

In this post I’ll give you some information about the most prominent part of the Phonak Roger system, the Roger Pen transmitter, and in future posts I’ll cover other constituent parts of the Phonak Roger system.

So the Phonak Roger Pen is the beating heart of a Phonak Roger system. It is a universal, cutting-edge wireless microphone that helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech when in noise, in reverberant environments and over distance.

Designed with discretion in mind the Phonak Roger Pen is great for meetings and busy challenging acoustic environments. Phonak Roger Pen is fully automatic, and you can also connect wirelessly to TV, telephones, computers, MP3 players, hifis etc).

Here’s the thing about the Roger Pen, you really don’t need to think about how to use it, it has a built in ‘accelerometer’ (a bit like the technology used in mobile phones to change the screen from portrait mode to landscape mode when you move the phone about), which decides how the microphone works and changes based on the environment, it also cleverly processes and reduces background noise in a very sophisticated way much better than hearing aids alone.

In fact – now this is a bold statement – in certain situations a hearing aid wearer, even with a severe hearing loss, can have a very distinct advantage over another person with average thresholds of hearing!

The Phonak Roger Pen needs other equipment for it to work as a system, we’ll be posting about that in a future blog, and you can also jump the gun and check out our handy downloadable PDF Phonak Roger Overview or the FAQ section as per the link above if you want information right away.

Hope you like what you’ve heard so far, if you do have any questions please feel free to contact either Chris through the blog or contact us directly via our contacts page at FM Hearing Systems

Kind regards

Paul Minikin

Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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