For the majority of us, the workplace is where we spend most of our week. Presuming that everything is in order and we are able to get to work and access the workplace, it should be somewhere that is fun and that offers plenty of benefits socially. But many of us do not get the work/life balance perfect. Maybe it is impossible to make this balance perfect, but while we are at work we should be able to find a way to get the most out of where we live and where we are employed. This post looks at getting the balance as near to perfect as possible.

One of the biggest changes in the workplace that has happened in recent years is the introduction of the concept of mobile working, or working from home. A number of people are seeing the benefits of using newer technology like smartphones and cloud hosting to ensure that they can get their work tasks completed while at home. This obviously has implications for disability, and many people who have a disability are finding that they can strike the right balance between home and work life simply due to the fact that they can work from home and get much of what they needed done.

Benefits of flexible working

Flexible working in this way obviously has its benefits. It has more benefits perhaps for disabled people, and part of what an employer can do to improve the work/life balance of a disabled person is to suggest and help implement mobile working. A lot of this rests upon the ability of the employer to embrace new technology and also to trust the employee to work at home. But many employers are embracing just that, and if you are a disabled person it may be worth considering this option as part of a future discussion with your employer, Especially if you are finding accessing the workplace stressful at times.

A lot of the work/life balance problem rests on the ability of employers to embrace proactive and forward-thinking practices. Employers need to reduce stress in the workplace and to address disability by improving accessibility to information and support. When the work/life balance goes awry, the first outcome is usually increased stress. If employers are able to provide support and information in the workplace, and even provide de-stressing activities such as physical activities at lunchtime or more positive meetings, the work/life balance is something that can be close to perfection.

Chris Catt

The Enabled Entrepreneur

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